External relation development briefing May 2020 : Latvia lifts travel restrictions during the Covid-19 crisis and open borders between Baltic States

The unprecedented situation of the spread of the COVID-19 has created challenges for all states that will impact their economies and societies for the foreseeable time, and has highlighted the importance of cooperation between nations and governments, starting from close neighbours. Cooperation between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has been traditionally very close. It is based on common interests and goals of the three countries in foreign and security policy, fostering economic development, and cooperation in the European Union (EU). In May 2020, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia was working intensively in order to coordinate cooperation of three Baltics States and partners on the incremental easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


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Social briefing May 2020: The impact of epidemiological restrictions on Latvian society: social challenges and people's attitude

As the overall cases of detected COVID-19 have been decreasing, Latvia is starting to reduce the restrictions regarding Coronavirus. Although during May 2020 the restrictions due to the Coronavirus were reduced such as allowing gatherings up to 25 people and taking down the restrictions due to indoor and outdoor sport activities, new challenges such as rise in domestic violence and inaccessibility to planned medical support are faced.

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