Task of the science is to serve

– Tolstoy –

Science is the captain, and
practice the soldiers.

– Leonardo da Vinci –

Frontiers of science are like the
horizon: the more we approach
it, the more it moves away.

– Boiste –

The fantasy is more important
than knowing.

– Albert Einstein –

Science – it means organized

– Spencer –

Freedom for the science the
same as the air for a living soul.

– Poincaré –

Research area of all sciences is

– Pascal –

System of science must be
looked at as the system of
nature: all in it is endless and

– Cuvier –

Scientific plan without working
hypothesis is a skeleton without
living body.

– Hirschfeld-

The main research subject of
mankind is the human.

– Goethe –

All is important in science.

– Heine –

Books must be results of
sciences, but sciences not results
of books.

– Bacon –

Scientist is not the one, who
gives the right answers, but the
one, who asks the right

– Claude Lévi-Strauss –

The more we will seek for the
truth outside us, the more we
will move away of it. The more
we will be able to understand
who we are, the more the truth
will assert us in ourselves.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Before being dictated the nature
needs to be obeyed.

– Bacon –

A true scientist is not one who
has more acquired, but one who
has more understood.

– Leibniz –

Science – to know how the
being acts. To know the action
of the being.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Science is benefactor of

– Berthelot –

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The mission of the Institute is to facilitate the development of Latvian economy in the regions and in the country as a whole, preparing based on researches, competent assessments and opinions on ongoing processes in the economy of Latvia, Baltics and Europe, as well as elaborating recommendations related to development opportunities of economy.

The Institute of Latvian Academy of Sciences is a stable, independent, scientific organisation that:

• accumulates and analyses the information about topical problems of economy;
• carries out scientific researches in the area of economy and other areas of social sciences, as well as in interdisciplinary spheres;
• provides informative, methodical and scientific support to research activities in the area of social sciences;
• carries out independent, qualified analysis and estimation of draft laws prepared by state institutions on the subject of economic area;
• gives consultations on the topics of social economic development processes in the country, regions, organisations;
• elaborates recommendations aimed to improvement of formation and implementation of economic policy;
• informs the government and the society about the situation in the economy and about possible development tendencies of it;
• stimulates commercialisation of inventions and cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs;
• elaborates and leads international projects of European union and others;
• organizes round table discussions, conferences, economic forums and other scientific educational activities.