Iknedēļas brīfingi – Ekonomikas Institūts
Zinātnes uzdevums –
kalpot cilvēkiem.

– Tolstojs –

Zinātne – kapteinis, bet
prakse – kareivji.

– Da Vinči –

Zinātnes robežas līdzinās
apvārsnim: jo vairāk tam
tuvojamies, jo vairāk tas

– Buasts –

Fantazēt ir svarīgāk nekā

– Alberts Einšteins –

Zinātne – tā ir
organizētas zināšanas.

– Spencers –

Brīvība zinātnei ir tas
pats, kas gaiss dzīvai

– Poincare –

Izpētes lauks zinātnē ir

– Paskāls –

Uz zinātņu sistēmu
jāraugās kā uz dabas
sistēmu: viss tajā ir
bezgalīgs un viss

– Kivjē –

Zinātniskais plāns bez
darba hipotēzes ir kā
skelets bez dzīvas

– Hiršfelds –

Galvenais cilvēces
izpētes priekšmets ir

– Gēte –

Zinātnē viss ir svarīgs.

– Heine –

Grāmatām ir jābūt
zinātņu rezultātam, bet
ne zinātnēm – grāmatu

– Bēkons –

Zinātnieks nav tas, kurš
sniedz pareizas atbildes,
bet gan tas, kurš nāk ar
īstiem jautājumiem.

– Klods Levī-Stross –

Jo neatlaidīgāk mēs
meklēsim patiesību ārpus
sevis, jo vairāk mēs
attālināsimies no tās. Jo
vairāk mēs spēsim izprast
to, kas mēs esam, jo
vairāk apliecināsim
patiesību sevī.
– Antonio Meneghetti –
Pirms dabai pavēlēt, tai

– Bēkons –

Īsts zinātnieks nav tas,
kurš ir vairāk apguvis,
bet tas, kurš ir vairāk

– Leibnics –

Zinātne – zināt esības

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Zinātne ir cilvēces
– Bertelo –
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Diaspora as Latvian foreign policy priority

The diaspora is possessing a great potential for the country, especially for such a small nation as Latvians. It is a Latvian foreign policy priority for 2021. In the beginning of the year, Latvian government approved the Plan for Work with Diaspora for the next three years with the aim to preserve Latvian nation, involving diaspora in Latvian economy and in education, thus encouraging remigration. In March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also supported and provided grants to 40...

Covid-19 crisis as the biggest challenge for the mental and physical health of Latvian society

During any crisis, it is important to control mental and physical health in society. It is not a secret that people’s behaviour or even mood in society can directly influence the economic and financial situation in the country. Therefore, it is needed to develop tools that can track the situation. The most obvious option now is population surveying, using this method it is possible to get the information from the citizens themselves. Also, the significant aspect is to maintain and...

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business environment in Latvia

In 2020 and 2021, in addition to the usual obstacles to business development, entrepreneurs have faced a huge challenge – the Covid-19 pandemic, which has introduced significant changes in the usual business environment. Unfortunately, various restrictions that hinder the development of the business or even stop it completely influenced the intention to start up or to maintain existing business. According to the latest data, the number of enterprises registered in Latvia in 2020 reduced significantly, but the number of liquidated...

The main political challenges: vaccine shortages, extension of pandemic restrictions, and development of Latvia’s Recovery and Resilience Facility plan

As Covid-19 crisis is not approaching to its end yet in Latvia, in March the government have been discussing the possibility of tightening the limits on Covid-19 to reduce the spread of the new type of virus. In the beginning of March, the two-week cumulative morbidity rate was about 500 new cases per 100 thousand people, which according to Government’s adopted “traffic light principle” is a “very high-risk situation” and requires stronger safety measures. It has also been found that at least 5%...

Changes in Latvian social strata in the past 30 years

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction The last 30 years for Latvia have been very fruitful but it is difficult to say that only positive changes had a place in the social structure. The overall trend of life quality is increasing. However, the most challenging issue for the country since the accession to the European Union is the population outflow and aging. The important note is that the full independence of Latvia after the dissolution of the...

The status quo of Latvian state-owned enterprises and its representative enterprises

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction The state of the art of Latvian state-owned enterprises (here and after SOEs) in this briefing will be described and analyzed based on the report conducted by KPMG[1] Baltics “State ownership policy review in Latvia”[i] and latest available annual report of Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre (CSCC) of Latvia[ii]. The detailed reports and the current briefing are dedicated to understanding the development stage of SOEs in Latvia. Description of the sector is provided to introduce the...

Main Priorities of Latvian Policy: Vaccination, Participation in the 9th China-CEEC Summit and shortcomings in Regional Reform Law

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction Latvian internal politics has several challenges in February according to development. First of all, an urgent priority for government is to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country and diminish consequences of pandemic. In February Latvia has started wide vaccination process with online vaccination sign-up website launched to make registration process easier for inhabitants. Health Minister admitted that many are already applying for vaccination on the website “Manavakcina.lv”, and this is...

Latvian foreign policy prospects and relations with EU, US, China in 2021

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction Pandemic crisis has highlighted challenges of a new level both to individual countries and international organizations, and to the principle of multilateralism in general. In 2021 it is expected that already existing global challenges like globalization process, rivalry between the great powers, populism, and doubts on effectiveness of international organizations, will rise. Under such circumstances, cooperation and synergy in all possible formats and at all levels is vital to reach Latvia’s policy...

The trends and forecasts for Latvian main social indicators in 2021

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction During the first half of 2021, the government will continue the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Immunization of the population is the main priority for this period. However, there are several obstacles for the citizens’ vaccination, one of them is the absence of an appropriate, realistic, and efficient plan of vaccination. Demographic situation in Latvia is worsen yearly, the population is decreasing and ageing, the government need to introduce long-term measures. The...

Latvia: the main prospects and challenges of 2021

Original publication available at the China-CEE Institute website. Introduction The last year 2020 the world has faced a severe challenge that hit every country. It was not possible to forecast such a widespread Covid-19 and all the consequences it brought as it is never possible to predict something uncontrollable by its nature. However, Latvia is fighting the virus as the whole world does, and it is needed to make a prognosis regarding the future of the country’s economy in the nearest...