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Market Research on Overseas Markets!

Reference of the Fiscal Discipline Council to the expert services provided by the LAS Institute of Economics for the Fiscal Sustainability Report of the Council.

Reference of the association “Saldus Development District Society” regarding the research “Business environment analysis in Saldus and Brocēni region” performed by the LAS Institute of Economics.

Reference of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia  on the research work performed by the LAS Institute of Economics within the project “Perspectives and Directions of Economic Development of Latvian Regions”.

Reference of the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences  on the participation of the LAS Institute of Economics in the project “Youth in Transition Countries – Innovative Potential, New Context, New Challenges and New Problems”. 

Kurzeme planning region reference on cooperation with the LAS Institute of Economics in the project “Development of water tourism as a component of nature and active tourism in Latvia and Estonia”.

Reference of Zemgale Planning Region on the Possibilities of Implementing a Business Support System in Latvia and Lithuania of the project “Development and Availability of Business Support System in Zemgale, Kurzeme and Northern Lithuania” (“LLI-131 ) ’.

Reference of the Latvian Association of Resort Cities on the LAS research “Market research on foreign markets”.

Reference of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council on the research “Demographic forecasts in Riga and regions”.