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The Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences provides scientific consultations, consultations for attracting EU projects and creating projects for both private companies and public administration institutions. Explore consulting services, consultancy and implementation projects delivered by leading consulting firms in Europe, research and rankings to find out which consulting firms have the best track record in your industry or area of service.

At The Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, we are just as passionate about seeing your project succeed as you are.Using the needs and ambitions of your organisation, we scan through the most interesting and appropriate opportunities in European programmes to produce an overview of the most relevant funding sources. Furthermore, we can tailor the scanning process to concrete project idea(s) you have in mind and formulate practical advice on how to achieve the optimum use of the identified funds to achieve your goals.This service is valuable for both private and public entities, particularly for those with limited human resources and funding experts to advise them on EU funding opportunities.Over the years, we have built up extensive thematic expertise, particularly in the fields of urban development, innovation, sustainability, climate adaptation and mitigation, energy,social innovation, culture and health. Using this knowledge, we contribute to successful project application drafting and/or implementation with strategic advice and the delivery of thematic materials , i.e. baseline analyses, methodologies, synthesis and sustainability reports, case studies, policy recommendations or mid-term evaluation reports.Furthermore, in the frame of international consortia, we deliver monitoring, programming and ex-ante evaluation tasks related to Operational Programmes for EU funding Programmes for public bodies responsible for such programmes.