Research & Innovations go hand in hand at The Institute of The Latvian Academy of Science

The main research directions of the institute:

investment attraction mechanisms. Reducing the differences in the business environment to attract investment and business development,
current business problems in Latvia: increasing competitiveness,
social entrepreneurship,
opportunities for transfer of functions from the state to the private / non-governmental sector,
the impact of taxes on economic development,
macroeconomic issues, national economic development research: public administration functioning and tax system; regional, administrative-territorial and public administration reform in Latvia, current problems of economic theory in the conditions of globalization, methodology and organization of economic accounting, finance and control,
increasing energy efficiency in various production processes,
increasing the efficiency of business management by using modern management technologies
socio-economic issues of regional development: activities and cooperation of local governments, small towns,
demographic challenges: human resource migration, gender issues, gender equality,
determination of human economic potential,
agriculture, environmental economics,
work environment, bioeconomy,
knowledge economy, human resource development, integration problems.

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Increasing Competitiveness
  • Investment and Business development