Task of the science is to serve

– Tolstoy –

Science is the captain, and
practice the soldiers.

– Leonardo da Vinci –

Frontiers of science are like the
horizon: the more we approach
it, the more it moves away.

– Boiste –

The fantasy is more important
than knowing.

– Albert Einstein –

Science – it means organized

– Spencer –

Freedom for the science the
same as the air for a living soul.

– Poincaré –

Research area of all sciences is

– Pascal –

System of science must be
looked at as the system of
nature: all in it is endless and

– Cuvier –

Scientific plan without working
hypothesis is a skeleton without
living body.

– Hirschfeld-

The main research subject of
mankind is the human.

– Goethe –

All is important in science.

– Heine –

Books must be results of
sciences, but sciences not results
of books.

– Bacon –

Scientist is not the one, who
gives the right answers, but the
one, who asks the right

– Claude Lévi-Strauss –

The more we will seek for the
truth outside us, the more we
will move away of it. The more
we will be able to understand
who we are, the more the truth
will assert us in ourselves.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Before being dictated the nature
needs to be obeyed.

– Bacon –

A true scientist is not one who
has more acquired, but one who
has more understood.

– Leibniz –

Science – to know how the
being acts. To know the action
of the being.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Science is benefactor of

– Berthelot –

Sākums » News » The LAS Institute of Economics submitted proposals to the Ministry of Justice and the State Land Service regarding the procedure for calculating the new cadastral value

The LAS Institute of Economics submitted proposals to the Ministry of Justice and the State Land Service regarding the procedure for calculating the new cadastral value

The Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences submitted its opinion on the new cadastral value project developed by the Ministry of Justice (MoT) and the State Land Service (SLS), with participation of Cabinet of Ministers on “Regulations on the Cadastral Value Base for 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025” in the public consultation.

According to the new methodology, it is planned to increase the cadastral value on average more than 2 times in the circumstances when house prices in Latvia have increased more than 1.4 times since 2015 and this is one of the largest increases in the entire EU and OECD countries.

Increasing the cadastral value in many cases will be associated with an increase in real estate tax (hereinafter – RET). According to estimates for commercial properties and production facilities, the RET payment may increase 3-5 times; but in some cases, entrepreneurs are worried that the cadastral value of real estate may increase 10 times, taking into account the methodology set out by the State Land Service.

Thus, by determining the cadastral value of real estate at the market price and raising the tax rate in the current socio-economic situation, additional conditions are created for the mass expulsion of local investors and commercial developers from the state and further increase in unemployment.

In order to eliminate the inconsistency of the new cadastral value calculation regulation proposed by the government with the current situation in Latvia, the LAS Institute of Economics proposes to take several measures:

  • To more actively and purposefully involve merchants, teachers, doctors, other residents of the state in the development of tax policy and its implementation;
  • To consider the possibility of replacing the currently used calculation method with another known method of determining the cadastral value – after the introduction of the real estate object;
  • To develop a socio-economic rationale for each tax reform, revealing the shortcomings and inconsistencies of the current tax system by type of tax;
  • To include the reforms to be carried out in the tax system, indicating the year in which they will be carried out;
  • Publish in due course, but not later than half a year, an assessment of the existing tax system and a justification for the reforms to be carried out;
  • To reveal the possible positive and negative effects of the tax reform to be performed, as well as the positive and negative side effects;
  • To show greater self-esteem and respect for taxpayers and other citizens;
  • Maintain an active discussion – provide feedback to stakeholders on the forthcoming tax reform and inform the public about the outcome of the discussion.