Task of the science is to serve

– Tolstoy –

Science is the captain, and
practice the soldiers.

– Leonardo da Vinci –

Frontiers of science are like the
horizon: the more we approach
it, the more it moves away.

– Boiste –

The fantasy is more important
than knowing.

– Albert Einstein –

Science – it means organized

– Spencer –

Freedom for the science the
same as the air for a living soul.

– Poincaré –

Research area of all sciences is

– Pascal –

System of science must be
looked at as the system of
nature: all in it is endless and

– Cuvier –

Scientific plan without working
hypothesis is a skeleton without
living body.

– Hirschfeld-

The main research subject of
mankind is the human.

– Goethe –

All is important in science.

– Heine –

Books must be results of
sciences, but sciences not results
of books.

– Bacon –

Scientist is not the one, who
gives the right answers, but the
one, who asks the right

– Claude Lévi-Strauss –

The more we will seek for the
truth outside us, the more we
will move away of it. The more
we will be able to understand
who we are, the more the truth
will assert us in ourselves.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Before being dictated the nature
needs to be obeyed.

– Bacon –

A true scientist is not one who
has more acquired, but one who
has more understood.

– Leibniz –

Science – to know how the
being acts. To know the action
of the being.

– Antonio Meneghetti –

Science is benefactor of

– Berthelot –

Sākums » Weekly Briefings

Outcomes of Latvia local elections 2021: record low voter turnout, new electoral districts and digital solutions

On June 5, 2021 local elections took place in Latvia in 40 new municipalities. Mainly regional and national political parties who were in power before, were able to save their status quo, however some new local parties were elected through alliances with big actors. The most dramatic outcome of these elections is voter turnout, which is extremely low – only 34,01% of eligible voters took part in elections2021, making it the lowest percentage since restoration of independence of Latvia. The new solution aimed at increasing...

UN assessment of the human rights protection development in Latvia

In this briefing, the main points of UN evaluation of human rights protection certain suggestions for Latvia are analyzed. The main groups of people, on whose rights the accent was made in the Universal Periodic Review were women, children, persons with disabilities, minorities and indigenous people. It was a long way for Latvia since the first cycle of the Universal Periodic Review in 2011 and a lot of improvements have been made in the field of human rights protection. However,...

Employment of graduates of higher education institutions in Latvia

Among young people in Latvia, there is a high level of emigration. This is a great challenge for the country as a whole as the problem of ageing society becomes more obvious and alarming. Therefore, the question of graduates employment and income is very important to keep young people from moving abroad. In this briefing, the analysis of graduates structure and level of income is provided to understand what are the prospects for Latvian graduates. By conducting yearly monitoring of...

Economic Forecast and Financial Sector Development inspires optimism for Latvian Economic Recovery

As European Union is starting to get back on track after the pandemic and economic forecast by European Commission is also becoming more optimistic. Latvian indicators in this forecast are not the exception. In this briefing, figures provided by the EC Spring 2021 Economic Forecast are analysed. Also, the financial sector is playing a big role in the recovery of the country after the pandemic, so understanding the trajectory of its development is essential. Considering that the financial sector in...

Public dissatisfaction with the organisation of the vaccination process in Latvia is growing

In January, the Vaccination Project Bureau was established as a unit of the Ministry of Health which reported directly to Health Minister, with the aim of implementing a unified vaccination strategy against Covid-19. However, it faced different obstacles and following public criticism. As its effectivity is put under question, it led to several attempts of officials to decide on the future of institution. This briefing analysis public criticism of the vaccination process in Latvia and main challenges of Vaccination Project...

World fairs as Latvia’s Development Tool on the International Arena

World Expo is the biggest world fair, providing opportunities for every country to show what it can bring into this world. Moreover, despite the chance to demonstrate the country’s technological achievements this event helps to find partners on both economic and political grounds. A country may benefit from participation by attracting foreign investments, expanding local business abroad or attracting high potential entrepreneurs to the country. However, participation in World Expo is state-funded and is rather expensive, especially for such a...

COVID-19: Mental Health of Latvian Adolescents and Young People

Adolescents and young people are the population groups, which have the least risk to be infected by Covid-19 but most affected by the restrictions of the pandemic. It is related to the peculiarities of brain development – socializing, spending time with friends, physical and other activities in adolescence are not only desirable but fundamentally important experiences for healthy development. These groups are the most vulnerable and mental health monitoring is of the utmost importance for them and their families. At...

Latvia’s Capital Market Development

Latvia’s capital market is the least developed in European Union, even neighbouring Baltic states have a thrice better performance. Significant undervaluation of the capital market has caused illiquidity of the assets. For comparative purposes, the market capitalization ratio to per cent of GDP is analysed. In this challenging situation, mature and informed decisions have to be made. Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) is preparing a plan of actions to develop market capitalization in Latvia and as a logical...

Latvia prepares for local elections in new conditions

Together with the management of pandemic and vaccination process, one of the central events in Latvia’s political life this year will be local elections to be held in June 2021. The submission of lists of candidates for the local elections of 2021 took place from March 17 and has just completed on April 6, and pre-election campaign has started to run 120 days till Election day. Why the local government elections are so important? The pandemic currently poses different challenges for...

Diaspora as Latvian foreign policy priority

The diaspora is possessing a great potential for the country, especially for such a small nation as Latvians. It is a Latvian foreign policy priority for 2021. In the beginning of the year, Latvian government approved the Plan for Work with Diaspora for the next three years with the aim to preserve Latvian nation, involving diaspora in Latvian economy and in education, thus encouraging remigration. In March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also supported and provided grants to 40...